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9 Days Left to Join My Emotional Support Group!

Hello Friend!

I’d like to share a post my friend and FDN Practitioner Sarah Phillipe sent to all her clients yesterday so you can hear, in her words, what she thinks about the Emotional Support Group I’m starting on April 24, 2023.  I introduced this Emotional Support Group to you in my last blog post and you can find more information on the group HERE.

Without further ado, here are Sarah’s words:

“We’re getting a lot of amazing feedback about offering Satin’s Emotional Support Group for learning to break free from body shame. Satin has shared with me just how excited she is about this group and helping you all heal from the emotional side of things. Several of my 1:1 clients are also participating and I can tell you with confidence they are all so lovely and such amazing like-minded women, so this group is something you won’t want to miss out on!

Here’s why I think it’s so important:

  • Most of us chose to have breast implants placed for cosmetic reasons – as a result of the body shame we carry. This is not our fault. This is cultural programing and it has made us believe we are only beautiful, sexy, worthy, enough…fill in the blank…if we look a certain way. And that is a lie.
  • Those of you who have undergone mastectomy and breast augmentation as a part of your reconstruction just to realize your breast implants are making you sick may also be struggling with going flat, if that is what you have decided to do (and I fully support that). We are programmed to believe that without breasts, we are not “real” women…and that is also a lie.
  • Teenagers and young adults are some of the most affected by body shame on the planet in today’s world with the social media “influence” and they’re going to great lengths to appear “flawless”. This is so detrimental to their brain development, their true sense of self an confidence in that, understanding who they are and how they should show up in the world, what kind of relationships they end up in, and so much more.
  • If you can find freedom in leaning to love yourself how you were created, imagine the impact that could have on your children? They learn through watching us! It’s a ripple effect and you can break the vicious cycle by starting with yourself.
  • How much more confident might you feel with your spouse/partner in intimate settings if you could break free from body shame? What would that do for your relationship? Men generally find a confidence woman more sexy than a woman who “looks sexy” but is insecure with herself.
  • How would more confidence allow you to show up in your power and serve your God-given purpose in your life? What would that look like? How would that feel to you? What are you delaying; what are you missing out on because of a lack of confidence?

I know for me, the lack of confidence in who I am negatively affected every area of my life, including my relationships and my career. I am a very different person now than I was 5 years ago because I did the inner work.

Just some thoughts to consider.

As a reminder, here are the details:

Who is this group for?

Basically any woman or teen struggling with body image, regardless of having had breast implants/breast implant illness or not. This is a global issue that I think every single woman struggles with at some point in her life.

What is the focus?

Satin will lead you through the book and workbook: Breaking Free from Body Shame by Jess Connolly

When/where it it taking place?

You will come together as a group of like-minded women each Monday evening over Zoom, Starting April 24th, from 6-7:30pm CST for 6 weeks (with the exception of May 30th, which is a Tuesday because the Monday before is a holiday). This will be a safe space for connecting, sharing, discussion, encouragement, and support. Additional details will follow after signing up.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch our discuss on on Instagram about it, you can do so by clicking HERE.

I hope you’ll join Satin and some of the lovely ladies working alongside me in their healing journeys as they work through this together. You can sign up through the link below. If you have any questions, you can reach out to Satin directly:

There are limited spots in order to keep this group intimate, so don’t wait too long!”


Profile Image Sarah Phillipe
BSN, FDN-P, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Reversing Breast Implant Illness, LLC
1 (830) 282-1440 – Work


Thank you for taking the time to read Sarah’s words.  I hope you’ll join me in this Emotional Support Group as we learn to live authentically and discover how to embrace our good body the way God created it!

I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to drop a comment below or email me as listed above.

With Love,


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