About Satin


My name is Satin (think fabric!).  I am a BII THRIVER!! I had my breast implants for over 13 years while unbeknownst to me they were causing severe health issues due to the toxicity they introduced to my body. You may read/watch more about my story HERE. I explanted in September of 2020 and have been on a journey to regain my health by working with Holistic Health Practitioner and Breast Implant Illness and Detox Expert, Sarah Phillipe. As a result of my efforts I am healthier and happier than I've been in decades!

I am a certified Holistic Practitioner specializing in Mind Body Spirit Release™ and focused on  helping individuals heal from past trauma(s), grief, and various life challenges and disappointments.  Life is hard, #butGod is always good! We may not understand why things happen, but I have graciously learned, God either reveals the "why" behind the trials, or teaches us understanding while also providing us with various modalities (tools) to help us endure life's toughest challenges.  Mind Body Spirit Release™ has been monumental in bringing healing into my life and relationships so I look forward to helping YOU discover the healing this beautiful, Christian-based modality offers.


Living an authentic and transparent life is most important to me, which is why I recently launched a six-week Emotional Support Group for women and girls who want to learn about Breaking Free from Body Shame. In these support groups we focus on authenticity while sharing our unique story in vulnerability.  We learn that we are not alone; we all struggle with insecurities. However, the powerful truths from God's Word empower us to learn to love our very good body the way God created it and how to turn our Pain to Empowerment. 

I am passionate about Jesus, the life He has blessed me with and the calling He placed on my life when I was just a child.  I desire to be a willing vessel He can use to encourage others as I carry on the beautiful legacy my late parents left me of loving Jesus passionately and unwaveringly. 

Welcome to my journey and thank you for including me in yours!

Satin Pelfrey

Mind Body Spirit Release™ Practitioner

...empowering women to turn their pain to empowerment, through recognizing the blocked emotions and limiting beliefs holding them back from healing their mind, body and spirit.


...encouraging others through the hard days, bringing the Scriptures alive through life-application and drawing them closer to Jesus.

Daughter of the King

...a daughter of the King, a humble work in progress; flawed and messy, but what you see is what you get! I love Jesus more than anything in the world.



...happily and gratefully married to my best friend and the love of my life, Tyler.


...proud stepmom to a handsome, loving and brilliant young man named, Jackson.

Dog Mom

...grateful for the unwavering and loyal love of our two fur babies, Gunner and Gigi.