"Satin is very compassionate. She was thorough in her approach with using Mind Body Spirit Release™. This was my first experience with The MBSR Method™, and Satin made me a believer! We started using Mind Body Spirit Release™ to address some pain points in our marriage that started after a traumatic birth that almost took my wife and child. Prior to The MBSR Method™ there were conversations that would always end in tension or fights. With nothing else changed other than Mind Body Spirit Release™, all of a sudden, we were able to have those same conversations without having them end in a fight!" - J.R.

"Satin has been very thorough in her approach with The MBSR Method™. This was my first experience with Mind Body Spirit Release™. She listened well and guided me when guiding was needed. I was “skeptical” at first because I had a physical pain that we were using Mind Body Spirit Release to address. I had a vasectomy a little over 2 years ago. Ever since that procedure, I had consistent pelvic and testicular pain. I had worked with multiple pelvic PT’s, which helped some but never lasted or changed the testicular pain. After the sessions of Mind Body Spirit Release™ with Satin, specific towards the pelvic and testicular pain, the pain in the testicle subsided, and has mostly stayed gone! We often think our physical pains only have physical components, but there was more underlying for me and my pain. Satin helped uproot that with Mind Body Spirit Release™!" - Anonymous

"Satin has been a pleasure to work with. She is always so gracious and encouraging and has a knack for bringing things to light in a way I haven’t thought of before. I don’t often feel comfortable with trusting people to share my heart with and Satin has made this a pleasant experience.

I decided to seek out Mind Body Spirit Release™ for some emotional challenges I was having. There were some areas where I was feeling stuck, ready to let go, but having difficulty doing so. By dismantling unhelpful thought patterns and energetic blocks we’ve been able to break through some of these long-standing roadblocks. The amount of growth I’ve experienced since working with Satin has been tremendous! For example, we worked on limiting beliefs regarding inadequacy and now I have the confidence to step out and do new things that I couldn’t see myself doing before, such as leading small groups. It’s important to me that all of this has been accomplished with the help of God and I’m thankful to have a Christian woman like Satin to support me in this journey.

My 13 year daughter and I decided to try Mind Body Spirit Release™ for some feelings of loneliness she was experiencing at home and conflicts around some people in her life. Satin was so good with her and made her feel at ease. We were able to uncover some of the root causes of these feelings and after the clearing she has not experienced these feelings anymore. She feels at peace and has joy in her home again. Her relationships have also improved. I’m so grateful for this amazing modality and wouldn’t trust anyone but Satin to help us through this journey!"

- C.W.