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A Few Tips for Group Gatherings…

Have you ever been in a group where there was a conversation going, yet you felt isolated or left out? Perhaps it wasn’t intentional, but we don’t always know, do we?  One thing is certain: when we are left out it can leave us feeling unwanted, excluded and sometimes it may even hurt a little…

Victim or Victor?

“Life is hard #butGod” has been my motto in recent years, as I navigated many losses and journeyed through healing my body. However, amidst all the losses one thing remained: I chose to have a VICTOR attitude rather than a VICTIM attitude through it all. Clinging to the Word of God for strength, I held…

9 Days Left to Join My Emotional Support Group!

Hello Friend! I’d like to share a post my friend and FDN Practitioner Sarah Phillipe sent to all her clients yesterday so you can hear, in her words, what she thinks about the Emotional Support Group I’m starting on April 24, 2023.  I introduced this Emotional Support Group to you in my last blog post…

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Breaking Free from Body Shame

Hello Friend! Society bombards us daily with images that threaten to make us feel “less than”, and “not enough”. However, I am determined to live the truth I learned from author Jess Connolly in her book Breaking Free from Body Shame. I read Jess Connolly’s book prior to explanting, and gained so much truth and…

From Pain to Empowerment

Hello Dear Friend! I realize my interaction in this space has been very sporadic to say the least and for that I do apologize.  Life has been hard #butGod has been so faithful to carry me through to where I am today. God is turning my Pain to Empowerment! I am grateful to be in…

A Husband’s Thoughts on BII

Breast Implant Illness (BII) does not solely affect the woman suffering with it! BII affects husbands, boyfriend, friends and family. Here is a beautifully written and raw letter from the brave husband of a BII survivor. Adam is the husband of Sarah Phillipe, the beautifully gifted and brilliant woman behind Reversing Breast Implant Illness.

Waiting on Him

The silence is almost deafening to my anxious heart, as I reach to select a music channel to fill the awkward void. A million thoughts running through my head, memories flooding my mind and threatening to steal my peace. I find myself in this place far less than I used to, but every once in…

Jesus: Our Joy, Hope and Peace

Christmas has been hard for me the past four years as I navigated the loss of my Daddy, our business and home, being away from family and friends, and the loss of my Mom. So this year, I set out to focus on the JOY of celebrating the birth of JESUS and enjoying all the…

Celebrating You, Mom

One year ago, I had the honor of ushering my Mom and best friend, into the presence of Jesus, as she took her final breath, this side of heaven. It was single handedly the first day of the hardest season of my life.   Today, on the one year anniversary of my Mom’s arrival to heaven,…

Until We Meet Again, Mitch

There are moments in life when it feels like the ground has been swept out from beneath your feet, the wind taken out of your sail, and you’ve been gut punched... all at once.

I Am Known

I have baggage, don't you? The kind of baggage that leaves us with the choice to either allow it to define us, or refine us. To break us or to make us. To make us bitter or make us better.

Where We Focus,We Go

...I needed to focus on where I wanted to be, not where I was currently!

For the Health of It: Vitamins

Vitamin C and Zinc are not the most critical vitamin's our bodies need to combat Covid-19!

Caution: Danger Ahead

It's a desperate cry for Him to reveal Himself to me and like God always does-He remains quiet until I am still enough to hear His gentle and loving voice.

For the Health of It

Get yourself a manual for understanding what your body needs by doing the genetic testing Dr. Jill offers...