The body is a beautiful creation of God, and as the temple of the Holy Spirit, it is crucial we take our healing journey seriously.

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for including me in your healing journey!

We may not understand why things happen, but I have graciously learned over the years that God either reveals the "why" behind the trials we face, or teaches us understanding as we endure them, yet He always desires to heal us from the pain we have endured.

We have the ability through Mind Body Spirit Release™ to address the trauma and pain you have endured and release the negative emotions associated with those traumas. The releasing of these discovered negative emotions through The MBSR Method™ frees you to heal from the inside out, becoming whole and walking in joy again, just as God created you to do.


Life is hard

is always good!


Through MBSR™, we are able to dive into a deeper view of each trauma to uncover the “hidden” emotions and limiting beliefs holding us back from emotional, mental, spiritual, relational and even physical healing.

MBSR™ is great for those seeking to:

  • Reduce the effects of stress and stressful triggers on the mind and body.

  • Enhance spiritual growth.

  • Create and foster healthier relationships.

  • Develop healthier boundaries.

  • Become aware of and more in control of what behaviors are driving actions.

  • Develop a deeper sense of love and self-compassion.

  • Experience more physical and emotional balance.

  • Enhance cognitive clarity and speed.

Satin Pelfrey

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About Satin

My name is Satin (think fabric!).  I am a BII THRIVER!! I had my breast implants for over 13 years while unbeknownst to me they were causing severe health issues due to the toxicity they introduced to my body. I explanted in September of 2020 and have been on a journey to regain my health by working with Holistic Health Practitioner and Breast Implant Illness and Detox Expert, Sarah Phillipe. As a result of my efforts I am healthier and happier than I've been in decades!

I am a certified Holistic & Mind Body Spirit Release™ Practitioner excited to embark on this new journey of helping people heal from past trauma(s), grief as well as various life challenges and disappointments. 

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