This space serves as a community where, in coming together, we are loved, cared for and accepted as fellow children of God.

Welcome to my journey

and thank you for including me in yours!

We may not understand why things happen, but I have graciously learned over the years that, God either reveals the "why" behind the trials or teaches us understanding as we endure them. 


Life is hard

is always good!

The Purpose

My Heart, His Words was created to encourage you through the hard days, bringing the Scriptures alive through life-application and drawing you closer to Jesus.

A Few Tips for Group Gatherings…

Have you ever been in a group where there was a conversation going, yet you felt isolated or left out? Perhaps it wasn’t intentional, but we don’t always know, do we?  One thing is certain: when we are left out it can leave us feeling unwanted, excluded and sometimes it may even hurt a little…

Victim or Victor?

“Life is hard #butGod” has been my motto in recent years, as I navigated many losses and journeyed through healing my body. However, amidst all the losses one thing remained: I chose to have a VICTOR attitude rather than a VICTIM attitude through it all. Clinging to the Word of God for strength, I held…

9 Days Left to Join My Emotional Support Group!

Hello Friend! I’d like to share a post my friend and FDN Practitioner Sarah Phillipe sent to all her clients yesterday so you can hear, in her words, what she thinks about the Emotional Support Group I’m starting on April 24, 2023.  I introduced this Emotional Support Group to you in my last blog post…