This space serves as a community where, in coming together, we are loved, cared for and accepted as fellow children of God.

Welcome to my journey

and thank you for including me in yours!

We may not understand why things happen, but I have graciously learned over the years that, God either reveals the "why" behind the trials or teaches us understanding as we endure them. 


Life is hard

is always good!

The Purpose

My Heart, His Words was created to encourage you through the hard days, bringing the Scriptures alive through life-application and drawing you closer to Jesus.

Waiting on Him

The silence is almost deafening to my anxious heart, as I reach to select a music channel to fill the awkward void. A million thoughts running through my head, memories flooding my mind and threatening to steal my peace. I find myself in this place far less than I used to, but every once in…

Jesus: Our Joy, Hope and Peace

Christmas has been hard for me the past four years as I navigated the loss of my Daddy, our business and home, being away from family and friends, and the loss of my Mom. So this year, I set out to focus on the JOY of celebrating the birth of JESUS and enjoying all the…

Celebrating You, Mom

One year ago, I had the honor of ushering my Mom and best friend, into the presence of Jesus, as she took her final breath, this side of heaven. It was single handedly the first day of the hardest season of my life.   Today, on the one year anniversary of my Mom’s arrival to heaven,…