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For the Health of It

Friend, I haven’t ever discussed my health in this space, but I believe it’s time I start, so… welcome to my very first post about Health!

Overall, I’ve been blessed with great health most of my life. It hasn’t been until the past four years, following one life trauma after another, that I’ve started seeing some negative patterns in my health.

Have you ever gone to the doctor with legitimate health concerns and been shrugged off, or made to feel silly for asking the questions you asked?

Have you ever wondered what makes your body tick? Why you never had allergies to foods or things in the environment, but suddenly do? Why you crave certain foods, struggle to gain weight or struggle to lose weight?

Like me, have you, been on medication for high blood pressure since your early twenties and only been told, “it must be genetic”, so here’s a pill to keep it low?

How about high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, body aches, severe mood swings, headaches or migraines?

There are legitimate answers to every single one of these questions and it doesn’t include pumping our bodies full of man-made chemicals!!

The medications modern doctors are prescribing, are more times than not, simply treating a symptom, versus addressing the root issue! Why do I have high blood pressure? Is it genetic? If it is genetic, why and how do we correct it naturally, without ensuing higher risks for other complications due to the man-made medication?

While in my twenties, I saw a doctor who through chiropractic treatment, helped me lower my blood pressure without medication! I knew it then and have believed it since: there is something miraculous about the body and it’s ability to heal, when given the proper tools; I just needed to know what the proper tools actually were!

I want to introduce you to my personal chiropractor and nutritionist, Dr. Jill Plentl, who I was introduced to by my counselor; also a fellow patient who she has helped tremendously!

Dr. Jill, as I call her, has completely changed my life in just one month! Yes, one month! I reached out to her via her website schedule page, briefly sharing with her my health concerns and frustrations. She emailed me back quickly, asking to set up a time to chat, at no charge, about my options in working with her.

The moment I answered Dr. Jill’s phone call, I could sense a difference in her versus the numerous doctors I’d worked with over the years. She is compassionate, kind, caring and truly listens with an open heart and mind. All those “silly questions” that had been shrugged off by endless doctors in the modern medical world, have now becomes avenues for hope and understanding!

Dr. Jill ran several tests, specific to my body issues and needs, in order to get a complete view of where my health stands. One of the most amazing ones she ran was a genetic test for identifying the vitamins my body naturally is either high or low, in producing. This test is so thorough, it gives a complete view of every vitamin my body is lacking and needing in order to perform at it’s best! This test alone is life changing with the amount of information it gives you! It’s literally like having a manual to better understand and care for your body!

I won’t bore you with the details of my test results, but I will tell you this:

With Dr. Jill’s guidance, me and my husband Tyler both, have changed our eating and drinking habits, as well as adding supplements specific to what each of our bodies are lacking and needing! We both are already seeing changes! We are blown away at the level of energy we have again, the restful sleep we are getting at night, as well as the decrease in headaches, fatigue and bellyaches!

I promise you, I am not being compensated in any way, and would never even allow compensation for writing this post! I am just SO excited about the understanding we have gained and the results we are seeing from working with Dr. Jill, that I needed to share with YOU!

Friend, NOW is the time to focus on your health like never before! The Covid-19 virus is just one of many diseases we are exposed to on a daily basis, yet the one the media has latched on to. NOW is the time to take patient care back into your own hands and start caring! Get to know your body in a whole new way! Get yourself a manual for understanding what your body needs by doing the genetic testing Dr. Jill offers, so you can give it what it needs and stay healthy for as long as God wants you on this earth!

We may not know the number of days we will live, but we sure can make them the best days of our lives by taking care of our bodies and giving them everything they need to FIGHT!! That is precisely what God created our bodies to do-FIGHT for our health, but it’s up to us to provide the “armor” our bodies need in order to fight!

A few things about Dr. Jill Plentl:

She offers video consultations to people around the country, so don’t allow distance to detour you! Thanks to technology, she’s able to meet you in the comfort of your home!

She doesn’t want money to ever be a hindrance to you getting healthy. She accepts insurance, works with co-ops to lower testing costs, and offers discount programs for supplements! FAQ

Requesting Testing: functionaltesting
Schedule Consultation: schedule
Follow Blog: Blog

Tell her I sent ya, and start getting the help your body is begging you to get!

Let’s do this, “for the Health of it”! #hope #trulyblessed #trulygrateful #forthehealthofit


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  1. Sharyn Wilbraham on April 2, 2020 at 8:19 PM

    Great balanced timely post. Love your gift of expression in keeping it real.
    Yes our bodies are a gift from our Father God.


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