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Last week I wrote about waiting, and focused the post on my current wait for a baby.  What I didn’t mention is that, in addition to waiting for a baby, I am also waiting for God to open the doors for me to lay aside my full-time job, so I can start working full-time from home, on the business my husband and I run together (Pelfreybilt Off-Road).

When I read Jim Elliot’s quote, the verse from Luke 16:10 came to mind:

“Whoever can be trusted with very little
can also be trusted with a lot.
Whoever is dishonest with very little
is dishonest with a lot.”

In all honestly, my attitude has been less than desirable lately. I go to bed and wake up dreading work, and while I’m there I’m often grumbling under my breath about being there.

I’ve been asking God to deliver me from the current mess at my work, while asking Him why He hasn’t opened the doors for me to leave, so I no longer have to balance two jobs, while caring for my family.  I see Him moving mountains and opening doors; our business is growing and I see light at the end of the tunnel.  However, I just don’t feel at peace quitting my job, yet. So I Wait.

When I read the quote by Jim Elliot my heart sank.

How can I ever expect God to bless our business, and honor the fruit of my labor, if only part of my labor is done with a pure heart?

How can God bless me, when I’m cursing him, through my actions of disbelief, by not exhibiting a good attitude where He has called me to serve, today?

As confident as I am that God will be moving me on soon, God cannot bless when my heart is impure, my actions are lacking integrity, and I am failing to be faithful in the small things He has called me to, for this season of my life.

In the past, my Mom and I have discussed how certain challenges, often present themselves as tests. If we fail them the first time, we have to keep repeating them until we pass!  That said, until God finds me faithful in the small things, the mundane things, and the less desirable things, He cannot bless me with the bigger things.

The flip side of Luke 16:10 comes from Luke 12:48:

“If you are given much,
much will be required of you.
If much is entrusted to you,
much will be expected of you.”

If God were to open the doors for me to quit my current job, in order to focus on our business, would I be faithful? I say that I would be, yet here I am, in the small things, right where we wants me today, and grumbling like the Israelites! (Numbers 14:2)

It is my job to live in a way that pleases God and makes Him eager to bless me. (Malachi 3:10)

* * * *

How about you, friend? Is there something God has called you to do today that you’re struggling to do with a pure heart? I would love to hear how you are working through your time of waiting.


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  1. Monica on August 6, 2014 at 5:31 AM


    I too am waiting on a promise God has made me. I know I am right on the brink of it, yet the waiting is hard. I am grateful because I know it is what is needed to make me who I need to be when I get to where I’m going, that doesn’t make it easier somehow. Many times I question myself…is this really what I heard? Is God really going to step in? Did I make a mistake? Do I need to do something? In these moments I put my life back in the Father’s hands and “attempt” to reside there. I am looking forward to what He has for me, though this girl doesn’t know what hers is. I know it will be good! Thanks for letting me share!


  2. Cherry Warrick (@cherrywarrick) on August 7, 2014 at 9:11 AM

    What a great reminder to be completely present in whatever situation He has us in … I love the quote by Jim Elliot. You are so right – it is not easy to do this. And we need His grace and mercy, strength and peace – each day and each moment. Thank you for sharing your heart, and for the good reminders.

  3. Lanette Haskins on August 7, 2014 at 11:20 AM

    I have been thinking so much about this lately — faithful with the small things — and I KNOW I’ve been falling short! Thanks so much for the reminder friend!! <3

  4. sarahgirl3 on August 9, 2014 at 5:23 PM

    There is so much truth in this. I needed to hear this because I don’t always appreciate where I am. I tend to see it as a stepping stone to the future. My heart needs to settle down and be at peace. Today.

  5. Maria Marino on August 12, 2014 at 12:31 PM

    I’m thinking God may have been blessing you all along Satin, Your heart may be a bit more open now to receive those blessings where you are called to serve today,:) This could be one of those times when you are where you are because the Lord has placed you there for someone else’s benefit. Perhaps the mess at work is the perfect place to shine your light.Could the battlefield be the training ground for something wonderful He has planned for you?

    Hugs and prayers. xo

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